• webweb canvas released

    webweb now renders with canvas! It’s faster and able to support larger networks.

    Legends are also labeled with what they make legendary now.

  • webweb 5 released

    Documentation is live!

    webweb is on pip!

    matlab is completely rewritten!

    • webweb has no dependencies (drag&drop and json saving removed)
    • all node names can be shown
    • menus can be hidden
    • binary colors and sizes can be inverted
    • nodes can be strings (python)
    • webweb is responsive (mostly)
  • webweb 4 released

    Merged fork from Hunter Wapman

    • supports multi-layer networks
    • all display parameters can be set
    • saveable json
    • color palette can be changed
  • webweb 3.4 released

    Merged a fork from Michael Iuzzolino

    • SVG saving
    • drag and drop file loading
    • standard file loading.
  • webweb 3.3 released

    • pause/play node movement
  • webweb 3.2 released

    • link opacity defaults to checked
    • Charge selection bugfix
    • Added ability to change link strength
    • webweb now runs on Windows
  • webweb 3.1 released

    accepts a single sparse matrix as input

  • webweb gets published!

    in a paper in PLoS Computational Biology, along with interactive versions of all published figures.

  • webweb 3 released

  • webweb released